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Overstuffed at The French Press Eatery

This morning I joined Dawn at the The French Press Eatery in Westbrook for some coffee and doughnuts. I went there on a single mission, their Maple Bacon Doughnut. Now, mind you, these plans were made the previous Saturday while we were eating at Nosh. Correction.. While we were eating multiple variations of pork at Nosh(five to be exact). How I am not dead or struggling for breath at this moment is beyond me. I do know, however, that I ate half of the Maple bacon and a few forkfuls of the other two(Elvis-pb, banana and chocolate and Boston Cream) at 10 am and I am still full.

Elvis, Maple Bacon, Boston Cream

Words cannot describe how f’ing good these are. The base of the doughnuts are dense, without being heavy and the outsides are crunchy, yet not greasy. To say that these are the perfect doughnut would not be an exaggeration. Then add on the toppings and you are well into the realm of pure gluttony. The epitome of that fact came when Dawn took her first bite, into Elvis, and was thoroughly covered in peanut butter and chocolate. For a moment she looked like a child diving into an ice cream sundae. Fingers, lips and chin completely smeared with sugary goodness.
The Boston Cream was filled with a balanced vanilla pastry creme that didn’t come off as cloying. Topped with the same ganache as the Elvis it was the best play on a flavor that I usually pass over.
The Elvis was as much overkill as you would expect, with peanut butter running out off the sides and stuffed with thick slices of banana. It was so rich that it was almost too much, but it was so good that it was hard not to keep picking at it.
Now, I had a lot of high hopes in the Maple Bacon after Dawn’s rave of it and thankfully it did not fall short of any of them. Like the pastry creme, the maple glaze was just sweet enough and the salt, lent from the bacon, helped eek a bit more sugar out of it.
We picked them over, and finished off 2 french presses, during the course of 2 1/2 hours and still couldn’t finish. I’ve never been defeated by food and this was a first for me. I bow to the Brothers Tranchemontagne, and their family recipe, for creating one of the most beautifully sinful things I’ve ever eaten.
And thank you Dawn for showing me the light.

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