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Operation: Liberate Cool Shit

The Missus has long been threatening to stage a liberation of all of the “cool shit” her mother has in her house outside of Tampa. On her way back from visiting her family, I half expect to be greeted at the airport with several boxes of books, vinyl and tchotchke‘s, all smuggled out under the cloak of darkness and the nose of her 70 year old mother. But, she’s kept things pretty manageable over the years, a few odds and ends–like pictures and books–that just happen to be in her suitcase when she lands in Portland.
Her trip last month brought the liberation of this fantastically drawn Chinese cooking cookbook

The original printing is a good 21 years older than either one of us and this edition has five years on me. The artwork is truly the best reason to try and find a copy of the book.

It spans from the cute

To the beautiful…

To the questionable..
Another great note about it is that about 1/3 of the pages have these great sayings, with their Mandarin translations, like the one above. You can pop by Rabelais to see if they have a copy or buy one for $2 on Amazon’s used book site, either way it would make an entertaining addition to any campy cookbook collection.