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For Japan With Love

In the past week I spent:

  • $21 on take out coffee drinks.
  • $20 on cigarettes
  • $8 on Muscat grapes
  • $5 on organic 1/2 and 1/2
  • $7 on imported German Chocolate
  • $23 on dinner Wednesday(3/16) night
  • $12 on eggs
  • $8 on a reusable water bottle

Tomorrow, I am going silent for the day and sending a donation to Shelter Box USA. I know, that if I have money to spend on such frivolous things, I have money to donate to something with actual purpose. Let’s be honest here,with all that has gone on, and continues to happen in Japan right now, me bitching about a bad meal seems more than just a bit trivial.

I am asking you to please consider donating money to one of the many charitable organizations that are trying to get food, medical aid, clothing and other humanitarian aid to those affected by last weeks events in Japan.

Thanks to Fore Front Fashion for getting the word out there.