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Just Like The Pilgrims Had..

There was:
Shrimp and Artichoke dip
Ginger-Miso Green Beans
Black rice with Taro and Roasted Garlic
Momofuku style Pork Buns with Miyake ‘Special Sauce’
“It’s Not Libby’s….” Pumpkin Pie.

I boycotted Turkey again this year. I did feel a bit bad for the Missus as I completely forgot to break out the can of cranberry sauce out to make it feel a little more authentic. I couldn’t even get all of the ingredients for the pie right.
The interaction:
Me: What recipe are you using (for the pie)?
Her: I just use the one on the back of the can.
Me, realizing there is none: There isn’t a recipe on the back of the can.
Her: You didn’t get Libby’s?

This will be remembered not as the year I spent 12 hours recreating Miyake’s Noodle Bar Pork Bun recipe but as the year that I forgot to buy Libby’s. This will also be the year that I realized that the Missus near refuses to cook a recipe without following it exactly to the letter.

Me: Honey, we don’t have ground ginger but I have some fresh so you can just grate some of that in.
Her, reading the recipe: Honey, do we have ground ginger?
Me: No, that’s what I just told you.
Her: So, what am I suppose to do?
Me: I just told you.
Her: It’s not going to be the same.
Me: It’s fine.

Her: Do we have a 12 ounce can of evaporated milk?
Me: No, we have condensed and I thought it was evaporated.
Her: *sigh* What can I do?
Me: Use milk and half and half?
Her: Will that work?
Me: It’ll be fine.

This was the year of confidence building. It also marks the first time the Missus has really cooked for me in our new kitchen since we’ve moved. And, it may not have been Libby’s, but it was damn good.