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20,000 Peepers

In the past 9 months, and 4 since I last laid some numbers on you, 20,000 nosy, curious people found their way to this page.

  • Total visitor numbers have nearly tripled–from 7,345 total in October to 20,000 today.
  • The average monthly view is 2,222.22 people
  • The daily view(with a 30 day average) is around 74.074.
  • Twice as many people were looking for Crack(pie) via search, for a total of 761 views and a NON review of Figa has been stumbled upon by just over 500 people. And then some nice words about Caiola’s were read by 255.
  • However, when it came to referral sites no one came near PFM at 1,944 visitors. Urbanspoon was a far second with 836.
  • And, even after making fun of them in the last post, 44 people misspelled the name of this blog and went looking for some type of “Ediable Obsessions.” 56 got it right and get a gold star. 5 people are looking for one singular ‘Obsession’ and no one has searched for pumpkin lube since November.