end of summer, garden harvest, time for cocoa

Summer Table Scraps

Last night, just before midnight, we hit the Autumnal Equinox. Summer is officially over and fall, at least by the calendar, is upon us. It was a pretty good summer, I have to say though it was definitely over before I felt I had truly enjoyed it.

This summer we finally, after 5 years, moved out of our ghetto, slumlord run apartment and into a quieter, saner neighborhood. I had relative success in my first attempt at a deck garden–though the Brandywines proved to be a dud and the Carmen Pepper died before it got to see the weeks worth of 90+ degree days we were treated to. We spent a night in Boston seeing Katzenjammer, who completely tore up the Cafe 939 at Berklee. We ate well, though less often outside of our apartment, which only stood to make us more appreciative of the times we did dine out. And we bought a new camera, which I still am trying to wrap my brain around. Nothing monumental, which was just ok by me.

So, before we hunker down with our Hot Toddy’s and LL Bean slippers, here is to the summer that was…

Marinated lamb shanks

Caramel Apple Crumb pie filling

Brisket Burnt Ends from Buck’s Naked

Beef Tongue Taco’s @ Tu Casa

Enchilada Salvadorena @ Tu Casa

80 lb solid chocolate rabbit @ Wilbur’s of Maine (which, I have to say was awesome to tour)

Amazing raw butter from Swallowtail Farm

First cucumbers of the year

First harvest tomatoes

And then they didn’t stop

He was a victim of the ‘hurricane’ we were grazed with

Lemon grass and rosemary from the garden

Premature onions