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Eat Your Losers

32 teams started their season with hopes and dreams of getting into this weekends Super Bowl. 30 teams had that dream end by the middle of January. My team, The Chicago Bears, saw that dream end in the middle of November with (another) injury to their Quarterback, Jay Cutler. So, yet again, I’m in the majority of football fans who will tune into the game, root halfheartedly for a team that they merely hate less than the other (as a New Yorker, I’m obligated to root for the Giants in this match up, though I severely question their chances of winning).

But, when it comes down to it, hasn’t the Super Bowl become more about the commercials,

ridiculous half time shows (Madonna? Really? Way to connect, NFL) and the food. It’s about the at home tailgate, with a cartoonishly large TV, some friends and enough alcohol or greenery to make you forget that your team utterly sucked this year. But, maybe I’m projecting.

So, this year, I’ve been thinking of a “losers” theme for the food–something to celebrate the ones that didn’t make it (and probably won’t again next year because of a questionable choice in QB’s. But, there I go again), while we watch the ones that did.

For Chicago Bears Fans:

(Photo from The Paupered Chef)
Chicago Style Italian Beef Sandwiches

For New Orleans Saints fans:


For Baltimore Ravens fans:

(photo from YumSugar)
Maryland Style Crab Dip

For the Pittsburgh Steelers fan

(photo from Accidental Hedonist)

For the San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders and San Fransisco 49ers fans:

(photo from
Homemade California Rolls

So, while you may not be celebrating your teams victories this Sunday, you can, at the very least, celebrate some of their hometown foods.