Common Ground, EEE, Phobias

Common Ground and EEE

MOFGA posted the following on it’s Facebook page today to dispel some fears about EEE and the Common Ground Fair this weekend.

The purpose of this posting is to correct some misinformation in the mainstream media about EEE and the Fair.

Easternequine encephalitis (EEE) is a mosquito-borne viral disease. EEE virus (EEEV) occurs in the… eastern half of the United States where it causes disease in humans, horses, and some bird species.

Cases of EEEV in livestock were confirmed this summer in Waldo, Penobscot, Cumberland and York Counties.

While EEE is one of the most severe mosquito-transmitted diseases in the United States, it is an extremely rare illness in humans, and has never been documented in a Maine resident.

Maine’s Center for Disease Control is advising citizens to protect themselves from infection by wearing long clothing and by using effective repellents when mosquitoes are active, particularly between dusk and dawn. Details are available at

While there have been several cases of EEEV in horses in Western Waldo County, please be assured that MOFGA’s Common Ground Education Center is NOT prime mosquito habitat.

Our fairgrounds are situated on 42 acres of open, breezy short-mown fields.

The sandy, well-drained soils are very dry with no standing water for mosquito breeding habitat.

The Town of Unity has had at least three frosts, including one very hard frost this past weekend.

Recent mosquito counts in our surrounding woods conducted by the Maine Forest Service have been in the single digits at several monitoring stations.

The Fair takes place during daylight hours when mosquitoes, if any, are less active.

Please join us this Friday, Saturday and Sunday for another wonderful celebration of sustainable, healthful living in Maine!

We encourage youto come to the Fair with your family and friends, wear comfortable clothes, and have fun!