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Tuesday’s Maple Baked Beans and Pork Belly

From The Gourmet Cookbook.

**I used local Jacob’s Cattle Beans from Green Thumb Farms, located in Fryeburg, ME. I also added about a tablespoon of prepared spicy mustard to it for a bit more bite.

**I rendered the bacon fat, lightly browning the pork, and then sauteed the onions in it before adding all ingredients.

What else would you serve with pork spiked beans other than pork belly? Using up the remaining pork belly I had from Thanksgiving, I cooked it up in the same style.

With this being my first attempt at baked beans since moving to New England, I’m going to say that they were a huge hit on a very cold evening. The beans were creamy and, because of the added acid from the mustard, not overly sweet.