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Edible Stats

Maybe it’s the fact that my father is a retired bookie, the fact that I was always ahead a year in Math or the fact that it plays into my slight touch of OCD, but I love numbers and statistical breakdowns. Needless to say, when Blogger released their stats feature for the blogs I became obsessed with it. In fact, because I’m such a geek, I wanted to share those stats with you.

  • Pageviews, all time history(since May 2010-present): 7,345 with over 1/3 coming in the past month.
  • My post on Momofuku’s ‘Crack Pie‘ is the top viewed with 342 page views
  • Portlandfoodcoma.com, Bon Appetit and Portlandfoodmap.com have brought in 841 hits, and are my top 3 sources of traffic. But, Portlandfoodmap.com is the number one referring site to this one(thank you, A!).
  • I’m big with the ‘U’ countries as the US, UK and Ukraine are my top three countries of visitors and those visitors, by more than 15%, are PC’s.
  • Apparently, 11 people have found this site by looking up ‘Ediable Obsessions’ and can’t spell. 21 people spelled it right and found their way here.
  • One person, truly the inspiration for this post, found this site by searching for ‘Edible Pumpkin Lube.’

Happy Halloween, indeed.
And..speaking of

My imperfect Storm Trooper pumpkin of 2010.