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The End of 2009

Omakase 7 tasting @ Food Factory Miyake–with extras (as I could remember…there was a lot of friggin’ food). Corrections are more than welcomed (coughJoecough)

1)Amuse Bouche: Sardine marinated in Mirin, chilled and topped with sesame seeds

2)Kumamoto Oyster with pepper and scallion

3)Maine Shrimp Three Ways:
Ceviche w/Avocado
Sashimi w/roe
Mirin and Sesame

4)Scallion wrapped with Toro
Lobster tail sashimi w/garlic oil and chive sprouts
Big Eye Tuna sashimi
Salmon on lemon

5)Saltwater Eel w/brown butter, lemon and almonds.

6)Eggplant in brown butter with chicken mixed with tama miso.

7)Teriyaki Swordfish w/Taro gnocchi and dashi braised veggies

8)Scallop w/lobster on kewpie mayo w/miso and wasabi
scallion oil

pickled white asparagus

9)Black cod w/enoiki and shitaki mushrooms

Salmon with tomato

Japanese Snapper w/pine nut salad
Blue fin tuna w/shallot

10)Yuku Creme Brulee


While this was one of the shittiest years in recent memory, it was highly cathartic to end 2009 sitting at a table at Miyake. Over the course of two and a half hours, seated in the back corner with my partner, sharing pot after pot of tea, we ate away all the grief of 2009. It was one of those meals that you have trouble articulating after it’s finished. One of those “you had to be there” moments. Simply, it was my last meal of 2009… and it’s best.
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