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Springing Sprouts

I was chomping at the bit to start this years garden. With a long snowy winter, the house fell into a depressive state. It wasn’t until the snow, it seems, finally stopped and the sunlight jumped later into the day that everyone started waking up from our hibernation mode. It was, just as daylight savings time and the official first day of spring came upon us, time to start this years garden. For the first time, in the past two years that I’ve been experimenting with vegetable growing, that I would start everything from seed–though there will probably be transplants bought from local farms of other tomatoes and herbs. Some will be moved onto the deck in containers, others will make their way over to a friends community garden plot for some liberated growing.

It’s refreshing to see such life starting in our south facing windows. Luckily, Sophie–our overweight, sprout eating cat–hasn’t caught on to the fact that there are green things growing within her reach. Hopefully, she never does.

This years crop will be:

Red Cored Chantenay Carrots
Purly Chives
Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomatoes
Cylindra Beets

Sugar Snap Peas

Lemon Cucumbers