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Mango Nectarine Buckle

This past Wednesday night, amongst the Papaya and Limes at Whole Foods, I found a ‘new to me’ fruit: the Mango Nectarine. I am easily drawn to unknown and shiny new food things and quickly picked out two pounds of ripened pieces.

Normally, when I eat nectarines, I tend to serve them with yogurt, sweetened mascarpone or creme fraiche as it’s a simple quick snack for two people. When I have the munchies, insomnia and all ingredients on hand I’ll make a good sized buckle. Which is exactly what I did yesterday on my day off.

I always use this Gourmet recipe for Blueberry and Nectarine Buckle, just doubling up on the nectarines when it’s not blueberry season.

Over the past few years I can say that I’ve made a dozen or so buckles and this one, which was done no different than the previous ones, was my best so far. The cake was dense and spongy, the fruit not sickenly sweet and streusel just crisp enough.

There was one issue, though. I had wanted some sweet cream mascarpone to go with it and bought some a few weeks back which I had frozen. Stupid me. Stupid, stupid me. When it came out defrosted it had turned from smooth and creamy to curdy and ricotta like. However, gluttony wasn’t stopped as I just whipped it with a bit of confectioners sugar and put some on the side.

Now the new shiny nectarine tasted much like every other nectarine that I’ve had, albeit a bit sweeter. Apparently their season is very short and won’t be around much past the beginning of August, so now is the time to try them if you haven’t.