food network descends, pure speculation

Food Network Has Landed

At about 3pm today, an email arrived regarding my last post that merely said: Grace. Sure enough, as I drove by the restaurant, the windows were found to be blacked out with curtains

The front door had signs turning away potential customers

The receiving area door had a note pointed guests and purveyors to use the front entrance

But, truly the most subtle of signs were right out on Chestnut Street

Now, whether there’s any weight to the rumor that it could be a ‘Throwdown,’ or that Bobby Flay was somewhere in the former church, it makes sense that the Food Network would be filming one of their shows there as the venue has one of the most beautifully done restaurant interiors in New England. It is also unknown exactly where Cranberry Island Kitchen and their Whoopie Pies fit into this whole picture but, if it is a ‘Throwdown,’ all the luck in the world to them.

food network descends, pure speculation

Food Network Strikes Again..or so I’ve heard

Cranberry Island Kitchen will host the FoodNetwork on Tuesday for a filming of an undisclosed show(first thought to be Unwrapped).
And, one of a bigger mysteries, is why they’re sending this woman, Chef Miriam Garron, to shop for Bobby Flay—is there another “Throwdown” in the works? There was no word that any Hellman’s Mayonaise was purchased for the redheaded chef.

Personally, I’d like to see some local chefs compete on “Chopped,” which I have become addicted to because of their featuring Ric Orlando from Saugerties, NY, whom I will always be grateful to for teaching me “Bittersweet Chocolate and Goat Cheese Truffles” while I was in culinary school.