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Bucket Bounty

Lemon Thyme
Purple Basil
Thai Basil
Carmen Peppers
Green Zebra
Sun Gold
Black Cherry Tomatoes

After a successful harvest last year of Yellow Pear and Sun Gold tomatoes– grown in 5 gallon buckets indoors set in windows—and the addition of outdoor growing space on our new deck, I’ve decided to get really optimistic this year in my growing adventures. Going from 3 buckets to nearly 10–I have cukes, lettuce and peppers being started by a friend and don’t know their varities–I’m hoping to successfully go all summer without having to purchase a single tomato with enough left over to get me well into the fall.
Will it work?
Will the rains hold off unlike last year?
Will Sophie, our herbivore cat, find a way to get outside and eat many of my herbs like she did last summer?
I’m hoping for a ‘Yes’ answer to two out of three of those ponderings.
Only time will tell, though, as we have another two weeks before we settle down into our new digs. In the mean time, I’ll be armed with neem oil to fight off the aphids that destroyed my pepper and lettuce plants last year. Many will parish but I’m just hoping that it’ll be the bugs and not the fruits.
What are YOU growing this year?