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Thai-O-Rama pt. 12–Siam Orchid–but not really.

I had a few goals yesterday.

  1. Get to Siam Orchid during their posted hours of 10-3pm.
  2. Write a Thai-O-Rama review, for the blogger venture that I’ve failed to participate in fully.
  3. Get to the food court before noon.

None of these tasks were accomplished. While I had all of the best intentions in the world, especially getting to the area before it became a cluster of insanity with PHS kids, intentions were all that I really had. The Missus and I arrived at One City Center at high noon only to find that Siam Orchid was not open and we walked our way over to Monument Square to try to find something else. Which is why I have a picture of

Kamasouptra‘s Toasted Cheese and Tomato Soup instead of a plate of Drunken Noodles.

But, no good deed shall go unnoticed and to say that my first trip to Kamasouptra wasn’t blissful would be a bold face lie. The Missus had their Chowder, which was rich and hearty but was a bit lacking in any seasoning outside of just milk and clams and fell a little flat for me. I opted for the cup above, always loving the classic combination. With it barely being above 45 degrees out, I wanted to literally dive into the soup. It was beautifully done as a tomato bisque with a more than generous amount of cheese(Parm? Cheddar? Gouda??) throughout. But, my god… the bread. A simple roll, piping hot out of the oven to mop up all the wonderful goodness of the soup was served alongside and I couldn’t have been happier. I may actually find myself bundling up this winter and making the trek over to the Portland Public Market House to warm myself up with one of the 8 soups they offer on a daily basis.

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