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Edible Pages

Through the luck of the draw, I recently received a free Medium sized Kodak Gallery Photobook from Foodbuzz’s Tastemaker Program. The process, to say the least, was interesting as I have over 6 years of photos–at least 1/3 of them food–on my hard drive. I have thought about making a book documenting some of my food related images of Maine but never wanted to sit down and wade through gigabyte after gigabyte of photos.

It’s amazing how much a free gift like this can be a motivator.

From start to finish the process took me nearly four hours and almost half of that time was spent trying to move one single picture from one frame to another. I don’t know if it was my mind at the late hour or a hiccup in the system, but there was a point when I was so frustrated that I was going to scrap the whole thing. Free gift be damned!

So, the overall layout was kept modest. Black cover, black borders. Single sentence captions beneath pictures ranging from the cat at Harbor Fish Market(at the top), a two page layout dedicated to meat, and a picture my youngest nephew cracked out with a S’mores in hand and covered in chocolate–fittingly, the last image in the book.


I’m glad that my momentary frustration didn’t get the best of me because the final product, while simple, made me extremely proud of many of the shots that I’ve taken over the years. So, thank you to Kodak and Foodbuzz for giving me the opportunity to create an archive of memories that I’ll have around for quite some time.

Kodak is also kind enough to be giving a 40% discount to readers, until the end of August, to create their own photobook (food, family or otherwise).