Bresca and the Honey Bee at Outlook Beach, Krista and Erik Desjarlais, Outlook Beach, Picnic by the lake in Maine, Pocket Brunch

Pocket Picnic

Drink Koozies, bearded chefs and a lake side view. Welcome to the June edition of Pocket Brunch. This months outing of the locally organized pop-up brunch, which has caught a bit of a cult following, was held at the newly opened Bresca and the Honey Bee at Outlook Beach on Sabbathday Lake in New Gloucester. The guest chefs for this round of brunching was Krista Kern Desjarlais, of the much loved Bresca restaurant, and her husband, Erik Desjarlais, who also happen to own Outlook Beach and the attached Snack Shack.

When Pocket Brunch was started a year ago, I quietly held my breath and waited–month after month–as they announced their guest chefs. The Desjarlais’ were my dream Pocket Brunch guests–bringing together two chefs whose food and restaurants I’ve highly enjoyed and respected–and apparently I wasn’t alone as this edition sold out in less than two hours.

I’m just going to leave it to the food to do the talking this time around, kids.  There wasn’t a bad bite in the bunch, the weather was perfect, the company was fantastic and not a single descriptor for the meal–hell, for the entire day–would do it justice. Definitely one of those “you had to be there” kind of meals.

Viva la Pocket Brunch!



Thank you SO F’ING MUCH to:
Josh and Katie Schier-Potocki
Joel “Juice Bomb” Beauchamp
Nan’l Meiklejohn
Rocco Salvatore Talarico (who is doing a crazy offshoot of PB at his home–with details here).

And, to our chefs, Erik (“Stop calling me that!”) Desjarlais and Krista Kern Desjarlais.
We have wedding details to talk about for next summer with the two of you.