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A Cupcake Revision

(photo from Y-Lime Gourmet’s Facebook)

Five months ago I wrote:

Between the two tastings Kate, Dawn, and I consumed 24 cupcakes from 13 bakeries. I think that is more than enough cupcakes for me for a while (though I will probably do a single review of Y-Lime in the near future to be fair).

It took me nearly five months to come back around to cupcakes after that final tasting. There were other sweets, sure… Cakes, brownies, whoopie pies. Whatever, they weren’t cupcakes. Well, as promised, I finally got around to picking up a few cupcakes from Y-Lime’s Gourmet. Granted, these were picked up and eaten a month ago at Picnic but, sometimes life gets in the way. Right? Right.

The selection at Picnic had a holiday theme, for the most part. The flavors there were: Cinnamon Eggnog, Peppermint Mocha, Pistachio, Turtle, Espresso and Chocolate Pomegranate.

I chose the Chocolate Pomegranate right off the bat. The use of fresh pomegranate seeds, nestled atop a dollop of ganache, then vanilla buttercream, intrigued me greatly. When you bit into the cake, the fresh sheets popped and released a lovely tart and tangy juice that balanced the rich dark chocolate cake very nicely.

I also went with her Turtle cupcake, which had all of the required components of caramel, chocolate and pecans. This, of the two, was my hands down favorite for the sheer fact that the caramel was not only drizzled on top, but the cake itself was topped with a caramel buttercream. Again, the base was a deep, rich chocolate cake that was dense, but had a wonderfully moist texture. But, it was everything that lived on top of the cupcake that made me smile, particularly the caramelized pecans. Sometimes it’s the little things that can take a good bit of food and turn it into something great.

So, this brings my tally to 26 cupcakes from 14 local bakeries and where does Y-Lime fit in the mix? Right at the top. Not only are they just really satisfying cakes, but you can tell the care and attention that owner Emily Roper puts into crafting each cake.

My Overall (adjusted) Top 5

  1. Scratch Baking Co.’s Black Forest Mega Cake: The one I wanted MORE of.
  2. Y-Lime Gourmet Turtle: The one I wanted to recreate.
  3. Scratch Baking Co.’s Banana Cream Pie/Y-Lime’s Chocolate Pomegranate: The ones that spoke to my inner child.
  4. East End Cupcakes Vanilla with Chocolate: The one I want to share with my love.
  5. Sugar Hill Bakery Chocolate Chocolate: The one I want to have on a bad day.