smoked brisket, smoked pork butt, vegan nightmare, venison sausage

My Pig is Dead

There isn’t a tremendous amount to be said when you receive an invitation for a “Pork Smoke and Vegan Nightmare” from a friend. He’s a butcher, his wife is a vegetarian with a sense of humor. They’re a lovely couple. My one question to him was: Will there be vegans there? Thankfully the answer was “No.” Though I think any that attended would have earned a great deal of respect from the 25+ people on hand.

Which was good because it did live up to the threat. In all, there was 40+lbs of smoked pork, brisket, venison sausage and ubercheesey macaroni and cheese. There were butter rich pies, deviled eggs, desserts from The Italian Bakery and a homemade raspberry and rhubarb crumble.

There were rumors of veggie burgers and soy dogs but I don’t think any of the trio of vegetarians in attendance were brave enough to ask that they be cooked on the smoker, which was surrounded in a glorious pool of pork fat that our hosts dog kept trying to sneak off to drink from. There was a vinegar based coleslaw, chips and crudite for them to sustain themselves on. And several cases of beer. There was also Wanda Jackson on the radio.

It was a damn fine day.