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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Ahh…interwebs…how I’ve missed thee. We are now officially connected–no longer having to reposition myself with the laptop trying to piggy back someone strangers wireless.
But, what have I done this past week and a half in the new place? Gardening to a near obsessive level. I do believe I’ve spent more money on soil and plants over the past week than I have anything else. And, because I have the luck that I do, I’ve already taken to battle against Aphids and Red Spider Mites. I tried to enlist the help of several lady bugs, purchased at Skillins, but they jumped ship after one night. So, as I sit and type this, I’m seeping:

  • Peel of one lemon(or orange), chopped
  • 4 cps boiling water

to make a citrus spray, courtesy of ‘You Grow Girl’, for the lingering pests.

The lack of sunlight and constant damp conditions are not really helping anything along, though nothing has died on me, which I can be grateful for. The weather forecasters are calling for sunny and in the 80’s this coming weekend, so let’s hope it perks things up a bit.

Basil, Pineapple sage, oregano, thyme
and Acai on ice

Lemon Thyme, Carmen Pepper


Front: Rosemary, Catnip, lemon thyme
back: Carmen pepper, onion

Flowering African Blue Basil

Thai Basil, Mesclun mix, vietnamese coriander, lemon grass

Green Zebra, Brandywine, cukes

Back: Blackcherry Tomatoes, Opal basil
Front: Sungolds

Flowering Borage

My thanks to all of the local farmers at the Wednesday Farmer’s Market, whom all of the above was purchased from.

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Edible Obsession: Ghost Pepper Salt

Top 5 Uses for Ghost Pepper:

5) Cooking–naturally as has been shown again and again on Man V. Food.
4) Tear Gas–a good alternative to hand grenades! (see wiki entry at the bottom)
3) Heal Stomach ills
2) Defense against Elephants(also see wiki entry)
1) Mix it into a salt so that I may walk by the jar, stick my finger into, lick it off and get my momentary fix of tongue masochism.

Thank you Gryffon Ridge, from Dresden, ME, for creating such a wonderfully sadistic salt blend.

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The Foodiot

NY Observer
posts on “Foodiots” and those that stand them(us).

“I feel like these technologies have totally unleashed the foodiot,” Ms. Clark added. “People have this outlet now that they’ve never had before. And something small, when talking to two people, takes on a whole other magnitude when you’re tweeting it to your 1,000 friends. You may not think you’re bragging, but because of the number of people you’re sending it to, it takes on a greater weight.”