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Adria rethinks El Bulli—-Again.

Reports are abound that Ferran Adria will NOT be closing El Bulli as reported by the NYTimes last week. Is he now the Brett Farve of the culinary world?

Thanks to Kate from Blueberry Files for the tip

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El Bulli Takes a Nap

Ferran Adrià, of the much acclaimed and lauded, El Bulli, announced he will be shutting down the restaurant from 2012-2013, according to the New York Times:

“With a format like the current one it is impossible to keep creating,” Mr. Adrià, 47, told reporters at the gastronomic fair Madrid Fusion. “In 2014, we will serve food somehow. I don’t know if it will be for one guest or 1,000.”

Does this signal an end to “Molecular Gastronomy”—though, I felt it’s popularity was waning over the past two year–or is he just pushing the restart button?

Either way, it gives me exactly four years to save up and get a passport.