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Maine Cheeses at 2010 American Cheese Society Awards

While it wasn’t as fancy as the Emmy’s, though I’m sure the food and drinks were better, the American Cheese Society held it’s awards this past weekend in Seattle, WA. Because I’m obsessive turophile that I am, I’ve been waiting for the past 24 hours for the results to be posted.
The big winners this year were from Wisconsin and Vermont in the ‘Best in Show’ Category (Uplands Cheese Company’s ‘Pleasant Ridge Reserve’ placed 1st; ‘Bonne Bouche’ from Vermont Butter and Cheese Company 2nd; and Farm for City Kids Springbrook Farm’s Tarentaise’took 3rd), Maine did have a small representation.
Winners from the state were:

  • Appleton Creamery’s ‘Camella’ took first place, while besting Cypress Grove Creamery’s ‘Truffle Tremor’ in the “Soft Ripened, flavor added” Goat’s Cheese category.
  • Appleton also topped the “Feta from Sheep or Mixed Milk” category for their ‘Sophia’ Feta.
  • Pineland Farms Feta won 3rd in the “Feta from Cow’s Milk” category.
  • Pineland also garnered 3rd for their Salsa Jack in the “Flavor Added–Monterey Jack” category.
  • Pineland’s Salsa Jack, this time in spreadable form, placed second in the interestingly titled “Cold Pack Cheese Food and Cheese Spreads With Flavor Added.”

Both are repeat winners from last year but Maine still hasn’t repeated the showing it had back in 2007, when 17 Maine cheeses took home awards. But, as it goes with award ceremonies, there’s always next year.