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Year End Obsession

It’s a bit surreal to be sitting here, up since 3:30 because of my damn cat that kept stepping on me and the Missus who couldn’t quite fall asleep peacefully, and trying to process the fact that it’s nearly 2011. To be overly cliched, ‘Where has the time gone?’ I swear, it seemed that it was just yesterday when the Deering Oaks Farmers Market was starting up for the year and here we are just a week away from the winter market opening.

As far as a personal reflection, this year was a mixed bag, filled with personal losses and minor triumphs, the little things that made me thankful this year and kept me a bit saner. In regards to the Portland food scene, I do believe Mr. A summed it up as well as anyone could possibly in his reflections and, already, the new year brings the buzz of Five Guys Burgers and Fries as well as the much anticipated opening of the EastEnder and a pair of new places from the people behind El Rayo. But, I would be crazy to not acknowledge how happy the opening of Boda, Po’ Boys, Pai Men and Figa has made me (and, District, you’re our next new spot to be visited as we realized that you were so close that we could throw snowballs at your building from our deck).

My own food wishes for 2011? Well, I hope the Missus gets her never ending wish for a less expensive and fulfilling Middle Eastern place(how about Emilitsa-lite?) and I would, in our great expansion of Asian places around town would love to be able to chow down at a Malaysian restaurant, even if it’s a chain. And tonight, in a perfect way to end the year, we’re revisiting the one local restaurant that completely left us speechless, Bresca. I’m already telling people that this may just be the meal that does me in but I am more than ok with that. Tonight, I plan to simply eat, drink and be painfully merry and I hope you are planning the same.

So, until next year…