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Happy Halloween

We were a little bit behind the holiday this year. Normally the pumpkins would have been carved weeks ago and the toasty, roasty seeds would be a distant memory. But, with work, school and other general distractions, we didn’t find our selves stabbing out stenciled patterns until last night.

My pattern this year was a nod to one of my favorite Pixar movies, Monsters Inc., which happens to have a sequel coming out next year. And the name, Mike Wazowski, is just fun to say.
The Missus, however, went a little more political with her pumpkin this year and chose the Guy Fawkes/Anonymous stencil. Her pumpkin came out very nice and had me declaring that we were going to Occupy Halloween. Maybe when the holiday is done I’ll leave the pumpkin on the steps of Bank of America for shits and giggles.

Happy Halloween, kids.

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2nd Round of Carving

Just about two weeks ago I asked if I should“Cook or Carve? the “Stella Blue Pumpkin” aka Japanese Hokkaido squash. I declared this being the first and only year we carve gourds with 2″ thick shells. Not only that, but it was waste of good flesh. My partner had picked out a pink French ‘Brodé Galeux D’Eysines’ or ’embroidered with warts from Eysines.’ So, with knives laid out in front, stencils taped and the Simpsons Tree House of Horror on, we carved.