Ending on a High

So, it’s official. It actually has been for 3 weeks–I got the announcement right after I had finished helping in the production of Vermont Creamerys “Bonne Bouche.”  My worry and stress and sleepless nights paid off. I’m now one of 253 Certified Cheese Professionals in the US/Canada and one of two in Maine. I’m not sure what doors this may open–hell, I’m just happy I passed that exam.

But, on that note, the other bit of news that I have is that I’ve decided to cease updating this blog.  It’s been a good 4 1/2 years, but over the past year–with new responsibilities in life–I don’t really have the drive or desire to keep it up.

Thanks to everyone who read and joined along on the trip. It was fun.



3 thoughts on “Ending on a High

  1. Congratulations, Shannon! While I'm sad to hear that you won't be updating the blog anymore, I'm thrilled for you and your future (cheese!) adventures. Hopefully I'll see you around town and you can still give me advice on which cheeses I should be buying… 🙂

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