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12 Days of Cheesemas–Day 7


(photo from Flickr.com)

My Deadhead friends will know this feeling well. Many of them, even those who have gone to hundreds of shows, have chased a song while on tour. That yearning and deep rooted desire to hear one particular song at a live show. Usually, that song is a rare one, but they don’t feel satisfied until they’ve heard it.

I have found my cheese equivalent.

Belper Knolle haunts me. It does.  I purchased the truffle looking cheese about 4 years ago at The Cheese Iron in Scarborough. The price was steep, so I only took home half a knob–but, I savored it. The texture is hard, as it’s meant to be grated or shaved, and coated in garlic, black pepper and Himalayan Sea Salt. This little raw cow’s milk nugget from Italy tastes like alfredo sauce, through and through. You want to find reasons to break it out and grate it on top of something. It’s that good.

Now here’s the part where I break your heart.

You can’t find it in the US.

I don’t know if it was dumb luck, but coming across it in Maine will probably never happen again. I have emailed cheeseshops and importers, to no avail. So, if you happen to be taking a trip to Europe–remember that name. It’s worth sneaking a little nub back into the country.

And, bring an extra for me, too…. Please?


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