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Guanciale: Phase 3

How about fail? Failure in the form of questionable green mold on the meaty side of the cheek. Taking the advice from Michael Ruhlman, whose book I’ve been using in Charcutepalooza, I listened when he asks you to ere on the side of common sense if you question it. So, I did.
In a few weeks I’ll try again when the Missus gets some jowl from a co-worker who’s getting ready to bring a few pigs to slaughter.


4 thoughts on “Guanciale: Phase 3

  1. Hm… Well, I ain't laid eyes on it, so couldn't say, but mold does happen. (I'm cutting down the pancetta today and the outside edges always have it.) Sounds like you've chucked it already? Ah well, you can have a piece of my pork belly.

  2. S. says:

    Missy.. I honestly have no idea. Maybe too much humidity..Maybe not enough. I need to read up on it more before I set more cheeks to cure.

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