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How to Buy Cheddar Cheese

Long before I moved up to Portland, I worked at a medical college library back home and would spend the slower nights diagnosing my ex-girlfriends with the DSM-IV (and I completely NAILED the diagnosis of one ex having BPD). Other nights I would look through emergency medical texts and books on trauma, which only prepared me for marathons of Bones, Wire in the Blood and Shark Week.

Now, I use the library’s unlimited resources for good and less morbid things. Like cheese. Wonderful, joyful cheese. One little gem that I recently found at the Portland Public Library was this USDA published guide, from 1967, on buying cheddar cheese.


3 thoughts on “How to Buy Cheddar Cheese

  1. S. says:

    Well, their archives are current as this is where the pamphlet was found. They have a huge section in the downstairs area of government documents and this was part of it.

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