cat eating plants, container garden, monster plants, wondering about fennel

Is It Normal?

To have a two and a half foot tall fennel?

It’s grown so large that the Missus and I are currently looking for Ewok figures to relive the Battle of Endor in it. Please email me (edibleobsessions at gmail dot com) if you have said figures.

Also, could this ever come to life and eat Sophie?

Seriously, though… When the fuck should we harvest this thing?


3 thoughts on “Is It Normal?

  1. Negative on the figures, sorry.But your plants look good. I just thinned out my two rows of fennel and came home with a shiteload of beautious fronds. Made pesto w/ em. Imagine you'll suffer through seein it soon.

  2. S. says:

    I have no idea about thinning–I think there may actually be 3 bulbs growing in that bucket… I'm hoping for one giant uberfennel.

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