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Think About Others

The Holidays, honestly, always seem to bring out both the best and worst of humanity. When you work with the public, say in retail or food service, all you can do is hope the good–or at least tolerable ones–will outweigh the douche wagons. While I could write a large tome about the customers I’ve dealt with over the years, it’s someone else who has a story for the ages, from ‘I’m Your Server, Not You’re Servant’:

The Wednesday lunch started out like every other day for the GM and his front of the house staff of one hostess, two servers, a bartender and a busser. About 11:15, a handful of guests walked to the podium and said, “We’re going to be at least 30 for lunch.” After welcoming the guests and confirming that the group did not have a reservation, the hostess told them she would seat them momentarily after the staff moved a few tables together….

The party of 30 grew into a party of 47 students from a local college celebrating the completion of finals and the beginning of semester break.

Forty-five minutes elapsed between the arrival of the first guests and the 47th member of their party. Food and drink requests were a little frantic, with some guests shouting out their first drink order as others were already eating their entrées….


2 thoughts on “Think About Others

  1. Oh my gosh, the rest of that story makes me want to stab someone. And I think the saddest part is that it's so easy to blame it on the fact that they're college students, but really, adults do shit like that all the time. I'm getting the sweats like I'm in the weeds just thinking about it.

  2. The fact that they were college students does not excuse their inconsiderate actions… out of 47 'kid-dults' you would think at least 1/2 had served at one point. That story totally gave me anxiety!

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