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Edible Obsession: ‘The Slab’

First, you notice the sweetness of the sauce. It catches you off guard.. a far cry from the standard marinara sauces on pizza you’re use to. Then comes the saltiness of the cheese, noticeably taking the sweetness just a step further. There are some herbs topping it all off but they seem more for show than anything else. All of it laid out, very generously, on the airiest crust in the world of Portland pizza. This is not a crust you leave to go stale on the corner of your plate or give to your friend. You covet this crust and all that goes with it. And, after you’ve consumed the pound (it has to weigh at least 3/4’s of one) piece, known simply as “The Slab,” you’re satiated, a bit punch drunk from it’s awesomeness and already plotting your next trip to Micucci’s to grab another.

Micucci's Italian Grocery on Urbanspoon


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