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Edible Obsession: Ghost Pepper Salt

Top 5 Uses for Ghost Pepper:

5) Cooking–naturally as has been shown again and again on Man V. Food.
4) Tear Gas–a good alternative to hand grenades! (see wiki entry at the bottom)
3) Heal Stomach ills
2) Defense against Elephants(also see wiki entry)
1) Mix it into a salt so that I may walk by the jar, stick my finger into, lick it off and get my momentary fix of tongue masochism.

Thank you Gryffon Ridge, from Dresden, ME, for creating such a wonderfully sadistic salt blend.


2 thoughts on “Edible Obsession: Ghost Pepper Salt

  1. Thanks for the positive endorsement regarding the masochistic enabler (Ghost Pepper Salt). Always enjoy your Blog.RickGryffon Ridge Spice Merchants

  2. amy bought 2 mixes from them- so glad they are visiting us in portland now! have yet to cook w/ them yet, one smells perfect for baking, like awesome cinnamon rolls or something (w/ roses, cardamom, cinnamon) and one is turkish? or something? lots o curry. yum!

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