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2 Down, 12 to Go

And as we stand, it’s 0-2.
My introduction to Viet Bangkok Thai was both odd and highly disappointing.
I’m just going to be polite and not go on a rant, but I’ll give you a little narrative:

Sample Platter. 2 Chicken wings, 2 Crab Rangoons, 2 Egg rolls, 2 Shrimp rolls, 2 Beef Satay, 2 chicken satays served with plum sauce and fish sauce
Beef Satay was microwaved–we heard the ‘DING!’ over the episode of ‘COPS’ that was playing on the large TV screen that dominated the back of the bar. Bonus because the Mrs. could identify what street they were on in St. Petersburgh, FL.
The meat was gray.

Crab Rangoon. Standard.

Drunken Noodle with Chicken. From the second I removed the lid I questioned the smell of the dish, which seemed drenched in fish sauce.

House Pad Thai.
There was very bad shrimp.
All food was trashed.

Probably won’t be heading back.

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3 thoughts on “2 Down, 12 to Go

  1. Aw, way to mind your manners. I hope we are getting the bad ones out of the way first and will finish strong sometime at the end of the summer. šŸ™‚

  2. God, I hope so. The Mrs. and I went out for japanese last night and I couldn't bring myself to venture outside of our usuals because this has been such a mixed bag w/the thai.

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