maine shrimp, ridiculously spoiled cats

Big Shrimpin’

Actually, it’s quite ‘Wee Shrimpin’ isn’t it?
Tiny, bright pink nuggets of fishy sweetness are finding their way onto the market as we come into the first full week of Maine Shrimp season. I picked up a quarter pound late last night at WF’s for $5.99/#, headless. While I’ve fallen in love with the lil ones over the past few years, this batch was almost exclusively purchased as a treat for our cats.

C’mon, we’re lesbians–this is nearly fucking protocol to dote on cats like this.

Having nearly od’d on them last season, I’m trying to pace myself before it becomes a habit. So, we ate the first few that came out of the water (boiled for 30 sec., then shocked in an ice bath) and then I stood and unshelled the rest for the cats feast.

I don’t tend to do much than the preparation above, so I’m always looking for different ways to enjoy them. If you have any recipes or suggestions, feel free to leave them.


5 thoughts on “Big Shrimpin’

  1. No, Pineland owns all the rights to the Wolfe's Neck beef name and doesn't even raise cows out in Freeport anymore. But regardless, it would be called Wolfe's Neck, so maybe it's a dif. Pineland?

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