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Things About This Week

1)Going to see the Pixies in Boston on Friday.
2)Celebrating my 5th Anniversary of moving to Portland this Saturday
3)My Father’s 65th Birthday is Saturday.
4)My partner officially becomes unemployed again on Wednesday, as her temp job comes to an end.

I’m looking forward to 4 of these things and I’m sure you can guess which ones. As our finances crunch once again, we’re going out with a bang this coming week. Because of getting food poisoning last Thanksgiving, from a raw oyster that never made it into the stuffing, I decided to go a different route this year and cook a rack of venison that I purchased when I was home last month.

While I’m still unsure of the preparation of the venison, I know I’ve got a killer Cranberry Apple and Pear sauce to go with it.

Before hand, to avoid having to do anything for a pre-meal snack, we swung into the Cheese Iron after hearing Vince had brought in some duck prosciutto. I am a bit conflicted about even mentioning it because it’s good enough to horde for yourself–in fact, it’s a bit mind blowing. Sliced perfectly thin, the thin line of fat at the top simply dissolves the second it hits your tongue.

It will be coupled with a boar salami, Rolf Beeler ForsterKase, Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve and the von Trapp Family Oma, which I first had at Evangeline.
And, like every other time I’ve walked through their doors, I had a set budget… and to stay true to form, I spent twice as much. But, really, who can blame me when something like this:

is put in my face.

This week is set to be a truly hectic, gluttonous and thanks filled one and I’ll probably post about how it truly went sometime next week… until then, a happy one to you.


2 thoughts on “Things About This Week

  1. All those treats look delicious (except for the raw venison, that is freaking my shit out). Have a great time at the show and happy holiday! Oh, PS- I saw you at work yesterday, but it is a shit show in there, so I didn't make it over.

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