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Craving New Orleans

This was what I ate one weekend last year in New Orleans… and I’m craving all of it, right at this very moment–reminiscing with serious munchies is not good for anyone, anywhere.


Cochon—right off the plane

~~Wood-fired oyster roast

~~Fried Alligator w/chili garlic aioli

~~Louisiana Cochon w/turnips, cabbage and cracklins

~~Smoked Beef Brisket w/horseradish potato salad

Desire Oyster Bar

~~Turtle Soup

~~Mixed Greens

~~Dzn raw Oysters

~~Gulf Shrimp and Oyster Po’Boy

~~Hush puppies


Café DuMonde

~~Café Au Lait


ACME Oyster Bar

~~Dzn Raw Oyster

~~Chargrilled Oysters w/seasoned butter and Romano cheese

~~Oysters Remoulade

~~Fried Oysters w/Hush Puppies

The Clover Grill

~~Pecan Pie ala mode

~~Vanilla Milkshake


Café Envive

~~Southern biscuits and sausage gravy w/hashbrowns

~~Brie and Ham omlette on croissant

~~Café au lait

Croissant D’or

~~Pan au chocolat


The Saddest Dog in NOLA



6 thoughts on “Craving New Orleans

  1. I have the inkling that you would be pained to come back to Maine after being there. If I could die, being fed food like the guy from Seven… it would be food from Cochon.

  2. OK, it's been moved further up the list then. And I love Key West sooo much (just for visiting, I've only stayed on Big Pine Key and Marathon). But I love it there. I love Kelly's, where a chicken might wander through your legs while you eat your dinner and drink your margs. Sigh… why the fuck do we live in Maine?!?

  3. Hey, have a good Tgiving (I am excited to take pics of our dinner b/c my mom just got a Nikon SLR). How were the tamales? I was being a car with 'TNGOVOZ' as the license plate Sunday morning!

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