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The Foodiot

NY Observer
posts on “Foodiots” and those that stand them(us).

“I feel like these technologies have totally unleashed the foodiot,” Ms. Clark added. “People have this outlet now that they’ve never had before. And something small, when talking to two people, takes on a whole other magnitude when you’re tweeting it to your 1,000 friends. You may not think you’re bragging, but because of the number of people you’re sending it to, it takes on a greater weight.”


3 thoughts on “The Foodiot

  1. The author of that article seems to presume that everyone shares the same passions. Obviously food isn’t one of his. As the SNL character Stuart Smalley would say “…and that’s…okay”. I work in IT, so I can imagine the rivers of ennui dripping from the watercooler conversations of some “ IT professionals” (“I was chatting with some Munich developers in a C# debugger chat room and I caught this worm virus that really bitch-slapped my hard-drive.”) While I would agree that some blogs are just self-serving self-indulgent blah blah blah, there are tons of quality blogs out there that speak to my food passions and always have interesting things to say. Yours is one of them.

  2. Oh yeah, you were mourning the loss of clove cigarettes. Well, I'm glad you have your priorities straight! :p I'll just have to come visit you and buy some cheese instead, oh darn.

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