Buying Bacon in (South) Berwick

I’ve never had a reason to go to South Berwick, ME. Truly, never a reason in the several years that I’ve lived here. But, now, I’ve found one. While the city, the one whole street of it I saw while passing back through from a business trip, reminded me of some smaller upstate NY towns around Ithaca, it didn’t really strike me as a place I’d seek out to go. Small, quaint and quite–all nice things that attracted us to stop there for lunch last week while traveling Rt. 236 to get back to 295.

After we filled ourselves on pizza and fried things, my co-workers and I stopped into Nature’s Way Market on Main St. to pick up some drinks for the road. A little more upscale than Rosemont and, thankfully, a lot more intimate than Whole Foods, Nature’s Way is a food heaven you would expect to find in a larger–MUCH larger–town. Fresh produce, meats, local dairy, beers and jams packed it’s shelf. And somewhere, just above the packaged cuts of meat and just to the left of produce I found my reason to go back.

Duck Bacon.

Oh, sweet mistress of Moulard breast goodness… you’re nearly as giddiness inducing as a day at Toys in Babeland.(NSFW, btw) Seriously one of the best plays on bacon in a long time–nearly as blissful as Nutmeg Food’s Maple Bacon Truffle, with a sweetness and air of smoke to match. And because of this wonderful find, I now have a jar of Liquid Gold–rendered duck fat–contained and waiting to be used with something deemed worthy enough.

So, Thank You, South Berwick for introducing me to my new love.
Oh, and for having signs like this outside and in your local pharmacy:


One thought on “Buying Bacon in (South) Berwick

  1. Ahhh, duck bacon! And that's funny that you provided that link, I was just reading Dan Savage's latest column and he is promoting Babeland too!

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