portland weather, rain

Everything is Damp

I do believe that 42 of the past 61 days have been filled with rain. God awful bone drenching rain. In this time I’m either going to gain 50 pounds, because I’ve taken to gorging myself on food and smoke to get over this depression, or I’m going to end up punching someone in the throat out of frustration. And, like many, the lack of sun is slowly killing off my container garden. All that money spent at the beginning gone to absolute shite because of the weather. Bastards.


3 thoughts on “Everything is Damp

  1. I found you! Thanks for checkin' out my blog and sometimes keeping me in line. Are you from a salt potato area? We just bought baby Yukon Gold potatoes and gave 'em the salt treatment. Yum.

  2. I am from Upstate or, rather, "lets take an entire shaker of mortons and add it to a pot of potatoes" region… I've got some baby reds that I may cook up tomorrow that way… 🙂

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